I’m Drew Thomas.

I’m a co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Brolik in Philadelphia.

A lot of what I do involves growing Leverage, a platform that allows us to build and run powerful websites efficiently.

I’ve written articles for Smashing Magazine and .NET Magainze.

This website is a collection of my thoughts and some info about what I'm doing. It's usually not up to date.

I don't even have a beard like that anymore.


October 15th 2013

.NET Slash Creative Bloq Article

When this first appeared in .NET Magazine, I was excited to see my face on top of an article in one of the most popular web publications out there. I even tweeted this photo.

Now that they've moved their online content over to Creative Bloq, the article is available free to public.

It's resulted in a lot of Twitter activity for me and some good comments. That's cool.

Here's the article: Responsive Web Design is Hard Work on Creative Bloq